1. Styling and Designing
  2. E- pattern Generation
  3. Animal farm consultation

Styling and Designing

Everyone wants to be dressed in unique, perfectly tailored attires that highlights his or her best parts.

At Needlepert, we study your body type, pick out the styles that suits you best and we make them for you at an affordable rate.

This service is extended to any part of Nigeria, thanks to the various logistics companies available.

We can easily waybill your neatly packaged attire to you.

E-pattern Generation

What if you’re also a designer, but with little experience?

And you would really like to make your garments yourself but you don’t know how to go about that.

We generate digital patterns and send them to you as a document.

When you get the patterns, you can modify them to suit your measurements.

 Animal Farm consultation

Shocked aren’t you?

Yes. I’m and Agriculture Student and I specialize in the aspect of Animal production and health.

So if you have a farm and you encounter some challenges, or you’re looking to start a farm and you need advice, you can always contact me.

For more enquiry or to order any of our services, send an email

oluwatobiajaka@gmail.com or trajaka@yahoo.com.