Sewing started as a hobby for me.

Growing up, I watched my aunt make amazing attires.

I would always pick up scrap fabric and make tiny doll clothes.

I was fascinated by how a simple piece of fabric can be transformed into something so amazing.

So when my mum suggested I started learning dress making officially, I was delighted.

Truth is, I am not yet a professional designer neither am I a professional writer.

However I am a very fast and enthusiastic Learner.

I’ve had to not just learn but unlearn as well.

The fashion industry fuelled by creativity, is fast growing.

This means there’s something new to learn every single day.

You never stop learning.

I hope to document my experience here on one article at a Time.

I grouped these articles into 6 categories based on the issues they address:

1. Free sewing patterns

If you would like to design your clothes yourself, but you don’t know how, you can download these free patterns.

You can also modify them to suit your measurements

2. Pattern making tutorials

What if you want to learn to make your own patterns?

This section contains easy to follow, systematical tutorials on how to make different patterns.

3. Lifesaving, practical hack

I’ve had to learn a trick or two.

These hacks have made tailoring super easy and fun for me.

4. Interesting DIYs

 ‘If you want something done properly, you have to DO IT YOURSELF.’

Learn how to make seemingly complicated fun stuff yourself.

5. Sewing and your health

Sewing can be sometimes painful.

However, in this section, you will learn how to maximize your sewing experience by making it less painful.

6. Dress for your body type.

Learn how to identify your body type and how to dress in the most appropriate way for such body type.

I hope this can be a space for passionate dressmakers to interact and share helpful experiences acquired over time.