15 Different Necklines for Blouses – Best one for your body Type

For me, the neckline is the most emphatic part of any dress, the punctuation mark in any fashion statement.

It gives the dress this “polished” outlook.

One wrong move with the neckline and the whole attire crumbles.

Are you looking for a way to step up your ‘sophistication’ game, to add class to your look?

Then I suggest you pay more attention to the neckline of your garment.

Here’s the best part; necklines don’t just polish up your look or draw attention to your beautiful face.

If used skillfully, a neckline can act as a tool to cover up structural ‘flaws’ and accentuate your best parts.

Therefore, you need to carefully assess the various types of necklines and choose the one that suits you the most.

Ranging from off the shoulder necklines to necklines with shoulders, we will discuss:

Different necklines for blouses, how to choose the best necklines appropriate for your specific body type and how to cut some of these necklines. 


Different Necklines for Blouses

1. Jewel neckline

You’re probably wondering why it’s called the jewel neckline.

Well, this is because it sits exactly where the necklace would usually sit, which is directly on top of the collarbones.

It is round and is mostly used on corporate attires.

It gives the illusion of a fuller bust, so it’s a blessing for figures with a small bust.

2. Square or four-cornered neckline.

This neckline, as the name implies, is square-shaped.

This neckline looks perfect on figures with narrow shoulders, a short neck, and a generally round figure.

If you have a box/square-shaped face and masculine or broad shoulders, please do not wear this kind of neckline except you’re going for a “SpongeBob square pants” look.

3. Asymmetrical Neckline

This neckline is uneven in length and slopes downward from one side to another.

It is appropriate for many occasions.

There are two types; there is the asymmetrical neckline with two shoulders and the one with one shoulder.

The downward-sloped cut gives the illusion of broader shoulders, so this style is appropriate for figures with narrow shoulders.

If you have a square shaped face or jawline, avoid this type of neckline.   

4. Wrap Neckline

It is also called the overlapping neckline.

In this type of neckline, the front part of the bodice is divided into two.

The length of the neckline on both sides is then extended by a few inches such that one can overlap the other.

It’s suitable for figures with a short neck and round or square-shaped face.

It is also the perfect disguise for heavy breasted ladies. It makes the bust appear smaller.

5. Round or crew neckline

This is the most common type of neckline. It is appropriate for almost all occasions.

It is not suitable for figures with a short neck as it makes the neck look shorter but looks great on ladies with longer necks.

Like the jewel neckline, it also gives an illusion of a fuller bust.

6. Canoe or boat neckline

This neckline is also called the Bateau neckline. It is similar to the crew neckline.

It is wide and sits close to the neck. It draws attention to the bust and makes the neck look longer.

7. Keyhole neckline

This neckline has one or more openings directly below the edge, which is mostly circular or oval-shaped. 

It could be revealing or conservative, depending on the size of the hole.

Depending on the style of the attire, there could be more than one keyhole.

8. Sweetheart neckline

This one is my personal favorite.

Maybe it’s the name, or the heart shape, I really don’t know, but I definitely love this neckline.

It suits all body types

It is especially a blessing for figures with round face, square shaped face and short neck.

It elongates the face and neck.

There are two variations of this neckline:

There’s the sweetheart neckline with shoulder and the off the shoulder sweetheart neckline.

9. V – neckline

Just like the name, the neckline is shaped like the letter ‘V’. This one neckline looks good on almost all body types.

There are two types; the high v, which stops just above the chest or mid-chest and the deep v neckline that plunges below the breasts.

This neckline gives the illusion of a longer face so if you already have a long face, this neckline might look a bit awkward on you.   

10. Halter neck

This neckline exposes the shoulders and armpits. It is perfect for showing off shoulders and toned arms.

Generally, looks excellent on slim figures.

It outlines the bust area and makes it look fuller.

11. Pleated or gathered neckline

This neckline either has pleats or gathers just below the hem of the neckline or directly from the tip.

It is excellent for attracting attention to the upper part of the body since the gathers/pleats create a particular type of fullness around this area.

12. Cowl neckline

It is commonly called a falling neckline because of the way it looks.

Its layers fall loosely, exposing a small part of the breasts.

Perfect for figures with a small bust.

13. Turtleneck

Honestly, I’m yet to figure out why it’s called ‘turtle’ neckline.

Like, do turtles have long necks? 

Anyway, this neckline is long and covers up most of the neck, making it suitable for figures with a longneck since it makes the neck look shorter.

Some people classify this neckline as a collared neckline; I feel it should be a type of neckline on its own.

14. Crisscross neckline

The neckline is similar to the halter neckline.

Two straps overlap each other in a crisscross manner directly on top of the chest and extend towards the shoulders.

Suitable for slim figures.

15. Collared neckline

This type of neckline sits just at the base of the neck.

Mostly appropriate for corporate occasions.

There are several types of collars, such as:

Peter pan collar

Ok we deserve an explanation for all these weird names.  

I don’t know why it’s called ‘peter pan’.

 Did he even wear this kind of collar at any point in the movie?

This kind of neckline is mostly used for baby clothing but also looks great on adults.

I like it because it kinda makes me look like a baby.

Sailor collar

It resembles the kind of collar on a sailor’s suit. A little large but fluffy.

Shirt collar

This is the most popular kind of collar. It’s seen in men and women’s packing shirt

Cowl collar

It is very similar to the turtleneck but also has some similarities with the cowl neckline.

The layers of the collar fall loosely downwards.

Necklines for Different Body Types

Necklines for Large Bust

  1. V – neckline
  2. Canoe neckline
  3. Square/ four-cornered neckline
  4. Sweetheart neckline
  5. Wrap neckline


Necklines for Narrow Shoulders

  1. Asymmetrical neckline
  2. Jewel neckline
  3. Square neckline
  4. Collared neckline


Necklines for Small Bust

  1. Crew neckline
  2. Pleated or gathered neckline
  3. Asymmetrical neckline
  4. Keyhole neckline.
  5. Jewel neckline
  6. Collared neckline
  7. Turtle neckline


Necklines for Long Necks

  1. Turtle neckline
  2. Halter neckline
  3. Crisscross neckline  


Necklines for Broad Shoulders

  1. Round/crew neckline
  2. Cowl neckline
  3. V neckline
  4. Sweetheart neckline
  5. Wrap neckline


Necklines for Short Neck

  1. Round neckline
  2. V neckline
  3. Square and four-cornered neckline.
  4. Canoe neckline
  5. Sweetheart neckline  


Necklines for Round Face

  1. Sweetheart neckline
  2. V neckline
  3. Halter neckline


Necklines for Square Shaped Face

  1. Sweetheart neckline
  2. Canoe neckline
  3. Turtle neckline
  4. V-neckline

How to Cut Neck Patterns – Easy Guide!

Cutting neck patterns can be a bit tricky.

Especially when there are several types and different techniques applied to cut each one of these neck patterns.

When I first started dressmaking, I used to play it safe.

I used only either the crew neckline or the square neckline for all the clothes I made.

I was too scared to try something different.

I faced my fears, and you can too.

 To help you with that, I have prepared a tutorial on “how to cut neckline patterns.”

It’s self-explanatory and easy to follow.

You will need to know how to take neck measurements.

How to Cut Different necklines for Blouses

1. Cowl neckline

This neckline is a little bit more complicated to make than others are.

It is made using the “cut and spread” method.

Don’t mind the dramatic name; it’s easy.

After drafting the front of the basic bodice, draw a straight horizontal line from directly under the armhole.

Cut through the straight line, but not all the way.

Leave about half an inch. (This is the ‘cut’ part of the ‘cut and spread’)

Next, place the pattern on your fabric and spread open space; the more expansive space, the more folds you get.

2. Square or four-cornered Neckline

I think this particular neck pattern is the easiest to make.

It would help if you determined how deep and wide you want the neckline to be, making up the length and breadth of the neckline.

After drafting all other components of the bodice, measure from the folded side the length and half of the neckline’s width.

Using a ruler, draw straight lines across these points until they intercept and form a square.

3. Asymmetrical Neckline

There are two types of asymmetrical necklines; the one with two shoulders and the one with one shoulder.

To cut this neck pattern, you need to open up the bodice’s front part after drafting all other components of the bodice.

Using your ruler, draw a diagonal line from the shoulder’s side to want to be higher to the lower side.

Depending on how low you want the cut to go.

4. Sweetheart Neckline

My favorite!

This neckline is heart-shaped.

After drafting all other parts of the bodice, make a curve, depending on how deep you want.

On the folded end of the bodice, make a curve from the upper part of the bodice downward to join the neck depth in the shape of a one-sided heart.

Cut off the excess parts.

When you open up the bodice, you get a beautiful heart-shaped sweetheart neckline.

The process is the same for both the shoulder sweetheart neckline and the sweetheart neckline with shoulders.

5.Canoe neckline.

The goal is to make this neckline look like a boat or canoe.

From the edge of the shoulder line on both sides of the bodice, measure two and a half inches.

It could be more sweeping or smaller, depending on how wide you want the neckline to be.

Join these two points with a boat like a curve.

6. V neckline.

This neckline is shaped like the letter ‘V.’

It is effortless to draft since it is literarily like drawing the letter ‘v’ on the bodice.

After drafting the bodice, measure half of the neck width on the folded side of the bodice.

Then draw a diagonal straight line from this point downward depending on how deep you want the neckline.

7. Pleated or gathered neckline.

Pleating are gathers are used in garment making as methods of fullness control.

In this type of neckline, the neckline’s width is not divided into two, even though the bodice is folded.

Measure the full width and desired length on the already prepared bodice.

The excess of the width is then pleated or gathered to get the original width of the neckline.

8. Turtle neck

The process of cutting the turtleneck starts with the jewel neckline.

The first step is to follow the normal process of cutting the jewel neckline. Join the top or dress usually, but do not tape the neck.

Using a tape rule, measure around the neckline (from the front to the back)

Cut out another piece of fabric using the neckline’s total length as the length of the material. Add one inch for allowance.

The height depends totally on your preference. Join the two ends of the fabric together.

Then carefully join the fabric to the neckline of the already finished top or dress.

9. Crisscross neckline.

Two straps overlap each other directly on top of the chest and extend towards the back.

First, measure from the chest line at the front, over the shoulders to the neckline at the back.

Use this measurement to cut out two straps—about 2inches in width.

Draft an off-shoulder bodice pattern, connect the two straps neatly from the top of the front to the top back.

Make sure to cross the straps at the front.

10. Jewel neckline.

The jewel neckline is a very high round neckline. It sits directly on top of the collarbones.

Measure from the nape of your neck to your collarbone. This will be the length of the neckline. Also, measure the width of the neckline.

Mark these two points on the already prepared bodice.

Connect the points with a curve, and you get a perfect jewel neckline that is not too tight or too loose.

11. The crew or round neckline

It follows the same process as the jewel neckline.

The only difference is that the length of the neckline goes more profound than the jewel neckline.

It would usually sit below the collarbones or a little lower.


Cutting neck patterns, as I mentioned earlier, can be tricky.

Some patterns require the same procedure as the crew and jewel necklines. At the same time, others differ entirely in the cutting technique.

It might even take some time to get used to the different methods of cutting neck patterns. But in the end, it will be worth it.

And soon, you’ll be cutting necklines like a pro, without even needing to draft on a pattern paper first.

Remember, your neckline can make or break your outfit.

So relax, take your time, figure out your face and body shape, and choose the right neckline that suits you perfectly.

Remember, necklines can make or break your outfit, so if your looks need a fix up, start with your neckline.

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